Saturday, December 10, 2005

We Got Press!

The Deseret News printed this review of the Hot Apple Cider Album in my last post (and they mention MY track specifically! yay!):

The Timpanogos Singer/Songwriter Alliance serves up a varied menu in this compilation album. It's a sampler of genres — everything from Celtic to folk to country to pop to blues — as well as a mixture of instrumental, vocal and group performances. There's a lot of originality, with a few new interpretations of traditional songs stirred in. And it all works well together. Especially flavorful are Jesse Thurgood's original "Angels"; Carrie Scott and JaNae Kotter's blend of "Still, Still, Still" and "Silent Night"; Jeff Hinton and Quint Randle with a countryesque "I Still Believe"; and Skye Pixton's soft and airy "Angels We Have Heard On High." Also contributing are Eclipse, Sam Payne, Shawn Cavalli, One Voice Children's Choir, Peter Breinholt, Jon Schmidt, Fiddlesticks, Russ Kendall and Amy Gileadi and Johnny and the Rebels. — C.W.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Angels We Have Heard on a New Holiday Compilation CD!

Remember the Angels We Have Heard on High single that was so popular in 2003? Well, it's included on yet another holiday compilation CD! This one is put together by the Timpanogos Singer/Songwriter Alliance, and it has a wide variety of styles and songs all about Christmas from artists such as : Peter Breinholt, Gladys Knight's OneVoice Children's Choir, Fiddlesticks, John Schmidt, Eclipse, and a bunch more.

CLICK HERE For info about this and other holiday compilation CDs.

To celebrate, to make Christmas Money, and as a cheap marketing ploy, I'm having a December CD Sale! All CDs are 2 for $20. To take advantage of it, CLICK HERE.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Thank You Universe!: The Enchanted Love Lies & Skye E.P. Release

Thank you, Thank you, thank you to everyone who made this night such a magical success! Thanks to my talented musician friends, my supportive & giving homies, my ever-loyal family, the great vibes, the ambient red Mississippi Studios & staff, anyone who took a chance on the evening, and especially YOU lovable beautiful fans! We had an enchanting standing-room-only event.
taken throughout the night of (you) fans & band.
or CLICK HERE to see a fan's take.

And please leave your comments! I would love to hear some feedback.


P.S. For those who missed it, or who want to reminisce:

Opening the show was Eric D. Snider, humor columnist, songwriter, & self-proclaimed slacker. Dang, he was funny! Thank you, Eric, for gracing us with your one-of-a-kind humor!

How do you describe the show to someone who didn't come? I've been trying to do that for my in-laws. hmmm. Something like...."I told my story, the history of my songs and personal life path, and described how the songs fit into that, along with some other skits, stories, film, slides, etc." Does that make sense? How would you describe it?

ALSO, for anyone who missed it, you can now buy the CD! Click here to find out how you can get it and/or listen to clips.

Here are some excerpts from a comedy sketch:


Skye: I’m calling for Mom. She wants you to come over for dinner. Of all things, she’s making chicken livers later.
Clay: I’m…sorry you cut out. She’s sick & what?
Skye: Chicken livers… later
Clay: Mom has Liver failure? Oh no! That’s terrible!
Skye: Actually it’s not that bad. I’ve had it before.
Clay: You never told me you had liver failure.
Skye: What?

Clay: When did you have that? I had no idea.
Skye: I don’t know. I was at my in-laws I guess. It’s okay, it just makes me feel kindof sedentary.
Clay: It’s hereditary?!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Hey! I'm in the paper!

The Lake Oswego Review and West Linn Tidings both circulated this article about me and the CD Release. Yippee! Maybe now I'll be famous!!

Well... at least at home :)

It's nice to get a little media attention now and then. Now, if only I could get in Rolling Stone....

Friday, September 09, 2005

MusicFestNW 2005

What an event! I saw some amazing musicians myself, with my handy little wristband. Thanks so much to everyone who came to my little set, in the outer-edge of MusicFestLand. The Pizza was hot, and it was greek, and there were three other bands to see, and plenty of other folks hangin' around. What a great time.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Rose Festival 2005

Last Friday we played the Rose Festival on the Waterfront. I was joined by all my favorites: Skip Vonkuske on cello, Courtney Atack on backup vocals, and for the first time, Leila Cheiko on percussion. She was great!

Despite some sprinkling (and then some torrents) we had a great time. The stage and seating were covered so we all crammed under the tent like a big cozy family until the end of our set. Thanks so much to everyone who came out for the show!

To see more pictures, CLICK HERE.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Song Contest Winner!

My recent song, "Hold On" recorded with Skip VonKuske and Kyrstyn Pixton won the Portland Songwriter's Association Songwriting Contest, both in the category of Folk and as the overall Grand Prize Winner.

CLICK HERE to download the song (it's free) and hear it for yourself.
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