Sunday, September 02, 2007

No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

My husband has cancer.

Nope. No joke. The most commonly asked question I get these days is "where have you been?" or "when are you going to play again?" I know. Even I anticipated getting back on the scene by now. I even had a gig or two set up for late summer.

But... life has thrown me yet another one. About a month ago my husband was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of non-hodgkins lymphoma. And, of course, that changes things.

If you're interested to read the details, you can find them on my personal family blog. I know, I know. I get lots of people concerned about my giving such personal information on my music site. But, you know what? My music is personal. Singing is personal. Songwriting is very personal. Everything about my music and performing is more personal than many people get even in day-to-day interactions. So... I figure as long as I don't get any crazy fan stalkers, no harm in sharing (Hey, you two fans that I have left after all this time, no stalking! k?)
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MartyMoose said...

Hang in there Skye. My family's prayers are with you and your husband.

Chris/Faile/?? said...

Skye, "I'm sorry" is not nearly enough to say. But shocked silence doesn't seem right, either. So I guess I'll say that your family will be in our thoughts and prayers. Life is a crazy and fragile thing sometimes.

There have been a couple of times in our marriage where one or both of us have dodged Death. We've never stared him directly in the face as I'm you you are feeling you are doing, but if there's one thing that a "it could have been fatal" experience does, it brings you closer together as a couple and as a family. I'm glad you all have each other at this time. And, of course, everything else can and will wait.

Keep us posted as you can and want to. And do your best to take care of yourself as well as your husband, ok?

HollywoodP said...

I too am praying for your family. As a musician, God has placed a message and a gift inside of you.. I encourage you to continue to sing through this process... Sing in the shower, in the kitchen, sing where your husband can hear you..
The love you have for your family, husband, music has healing.

(in my finding nemo voice) Just keep singing, just keep singing...