Thursday, September 04, 2008


He's in remission. He has been for some time, actually, but for some reason the aftermath of a family illness like that is somehow harder to deal with than the illness itself. So I've made some cameo appearances here and there over the last year or so, but that's about it. I haven't even bothered to include them on my performance calendar (sorry).

I have a lot of big questions to ask myself at this point about music. Getting into it again would be far more complicated now than it would have been after only a few months off for baby-makin'. And I'm not sure I have the energy to continue as I was doing then. I miss playing and singing desperately. But I don't miss the hassle and stress of setting up shows and promoting myself. It's been a nice break, and I now have to really think about what I want out of my music, who really cares other than me, and what kind of difference it makes, if any, whether and how much I play again.

I am thinking I want to do an exploratory show or shows soon here. You know.... see if anyone comes, see if it's more fun than not, see how it feels to get the rusty pipes out. I'd love to see you there, so keep in touch if you're around. I'll be looking for a friendly face or two.

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